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Families in Transition

In the modern world, families come in every shape and size. While happy families can look any which way, it can make a world of difference to have support for navigating certain tough transitions. I have years of experience counseling families through parenting challenges, divorce and co-parenting, remarriage, blending of stepfamilies, and aging parents moving in. If you are in need not of counseling, but of Parenting Coordination because you are separating or you have a divorce decree mandating this service, click here to read about my work in this area.

Unlike many therapists who see only individuals, couples, or adults, I work extensively with all kinds of family configurations. Sometimes it is beneficial for the whole family to come in, at other times only two or three members need to be present.

It can be scary to open up in front of family members, but it can be incredibly healing as well. My office is a respectful, non-judgmental space where I make sure that each person’s voice is heard, no matter their age. When tension in a household runs high, being at home with your family can be depleting and anxiety-provoking. It can have spillover effects at school, work, and socially. Investing the time in your family through therapy can help make your home the sanctuary it should be, and can lead to optimized functioning in other areas of family members’ lives.

Please call or email me so that we have the chance to speak before we meet.