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I have been a practicing psychotherapist since 1994. I enjoy working with and helping women, men and children make their way through their unique struggles. My practice is named ASPIRE because I maintain the belief that all people have accessible strengths that allow them to grow, heal and transform. My treatment approach is to provide counseling expertise, support and practical feedback to aid you in developing your own willingness and ability to reach your goals. The purpose of my practice is to help you shape the best tools to negotiate your way to a more self-aware, fulfilling and content life.

You are searching for the right therapeutic match to address important and personal issues and may have concerns about speaking openly and frankly to a stranger about painful or sensitive matters. While opening up can be uncomfortable initially, my careful listening and compassion provide emotional security as we begin to reduce anxiety and develop ways to resolve your difficulties. I also like to laugh with my clients; when you are confronting looming difficulties, it is good to remember that life isn't all serious and that humor is a joyful way to lighten the burden you are carrying.

I am an interactive and solution focused therapist. My relationship with you will reflect the uniqueness of your personality and situation. Together we will choose the course of therapy from our shared insights. Your comfort level and pacing will offer the choices for action. 

Throughout therapy, you will maintain control over the progression of the self-discovery process. You will gain ground in sorting out issues, see if an unclear past may be influencing your present situation, explore motivations for behavior, enhance your communication choices, develop personal control strategies using positive actions, and come to recognize hidden stressors in daily life that can be modified or avoided. As you arrive at and often revise your goals based on a deeper understanding, we will look for patterns that you can identify before future emerging situations become overwhelming or unhealthy for you. I have twenty-two years of experience counseling people through their numerous life difficulties. 

As a Certified Mediator, I utilize proven conflict resolution techniques in working with couples & families. I am also a Certified Parent Coordinator Trainer, helping parents during separation or divorce to protect their children emotionally through a potentially traumatic time. In addition, some clients dealing with severe depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder require medication as part of their larger holistic treatment plan. In such cases, I make sure to coordinate with psychiatrists, physicians, & nutritionists, recognizing the importance that a team approach often has to a positive outcome. I believe in communicating with you at the highest level and listening deeply, aiding your personal discovery as you recognize your inner strengths to find control, meaning & satisfaction in your life.